Week VI-Part II
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Photoshop Level 1 G301.41
Student # 0292030   Donna Rose-McEntee
Week V
Week VI-Part I
i had fun playing with brushes
from website Astrid linked in the CAFE.
Image/Adjustments/Auto Color
Then Variations and added RED
Color Corrections
Image/Adjustments/Variations and added GREEN,
Then darkened image within Variations

Image/Adjustments/Variations and added CYAN & MAGENTA,
Then lightened image within Variations

Used so many tools to make this image.
Had a lot of fun playing.
Wish the flu hadn't hampered my concentration

I am still unsure of the effects i am getting with the fill slidebar.

Since i am a total novice to Photoshop , i am pleased with my progress.                  I think it will take years to get used to all the options-especially since i do not use this on a daily basis-but am learning just for fun.

*Imported and used some brushes from the weblinks you suggested.
*Used something that looked like lace for texture.
*Used pencil tool extensively to "draw" the grass, flowers
changed  brush size and shape often (grass, start, dot)
*Paint brush/airbrush tool for clouds( used a softened edge)
*Bucket fill for sheet and blue background.
*Imported chinese symbol brush and made flowers using the pencil tool.(red)
*Used pencil tool to make a path, then used bucket to fill sheet with color. 
*Added gradient, along with drop shadow to sheet-also used on fence and butterfly.
*Butterfly was cut from a piece of free clip art i found on the web.
*Played with opacity and fill slides on tree trunk and sheet, also with the lace.

laundry day
Hand Coloring
Hubby bought me flowers because i have been sick. Isn't he sweet?

This project was much much easier than the Collage project.
However I am glad i did both because it helped me to learn more skills.

*Snapped a photo.
*Made a dupocate layer from the original background layer.
*Used Image/ Adjustment/Hue-Saturation to remove color.
*Made a layer and used a soft edged brush to color in one sunflower.
*Changed Layer to Soft Light.
*Added some text.
*Went back into previous layer and colored more to make some areas stronger.