Photoshop Level 1 G301.41
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Review Questions - Week V

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Review Questions - Week V

1. List two examples of how you could use a lowered layer opacity level. to make navigation buttons or overlays and for special effects and text . using decreased opacity makes it more transparent.

2. What are Layer Blending Modes and how would you use them? blends pixels in layers together, can be used for photo retouching

3. How do you change a layer's Blending Mode?
drop down menu of Layer Palette

4. What are Layer Styles? different effects that can be added, such as gradients, shadows, patterns, glow

5. If you want to manipulate a style such as a Drop Shadow, where would you do so? use the menu Layer/Layer Style. there you can adjust the size, distance, angle, opacity and more.

6. Why would you use a Layer Style? to save time, customize effects and be more consistant. it can help to acheive dimension and texture.

7. How can the History Palette help you with your work? lets our track different stages in work and allows you to go back to a specific step and make adjustments.

8. Where would you change the number of states the History Palette records? in general preferences
should set to at least 20

9. List three tools that you would use to re-touch an image. healing brush, stamp tool, patch

10. Explain what the Aligned option does when working with the retouching tools? helps keep brushstrokes on same angele and legnth and adds continuity.